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BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren Makes Move to END Trump’s Presidency. Please Support Her.

Elizabeth Warren is demanding an IMMEDIATE congressional inquiry into Donald Trump’s and Michael Flynn’s sketchy ties to RussiaThis could be the investigation that will lead directly to Trump’s impeachment.

Warren has been leading the Democrats in the effort to topple Trump, but it looks like the Orange Tyrant’s administration is self-imploding. The Massachusetts Senator is absolutely enraged at the circumstances surrounding Flynn’s resignation.

“Flynn’s binding religious hatred and shady Russian ties disqualified him as NSA on day one,” Warren started. “His removal is a win for American values.”
“But American national security demands that we not allow Michael Flynn to become a scapegoat for this Admin’s disturbing ties to Russia,” Warren said. “This. Is. Not. Normal.”

This story is only just getting started, folks. Flynn made his treasonous phone call on someone’s orders – was it Trump’s?
“Who knew what,” Warren asked. “Who approved what?”
If it comes to light that Trump himself ordered this phone call, then you can kiss Donald Trump’s presidency goodbye. Talk about a fast track to impeachment!
Thank goodness Warren is on top of this. Her calling for this congressional inquiry into Team Trump’s Russian ties means the dominoes are starting to fall.
America’s spy agencies weren’t even passing all their intel to the White House because they knew the Kremlin had compromised Team Trump. Michael Flynn’s resignation is the first step toward kicking Putin out of D.C.

It’s time to drain the swamp. Of Russian swamp monsters, that is.
Our elected officials MUST carry out this congressional inquiry. Traitors like Michael Flynn don’t belong anywhere near the White House.

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