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Sex Expert Sleeps With The World’s First Male Sex Doll


One of the best things about sex, to me at least, is the feeling of being completely, intimately close to somebody. 
The odd orgasm isn’t too shabby either, obviously. But could sex ever be as good if it was a doll you had your legs wrapped around instead of a human?
Karley Sciortino, a sex columnist for Vogue and Vice, decided to do us all a solid and put the world’s first ever sex doll to the test. As Karley points out, where men have had years of sexperimenting with dolls (even dating back to Ovid’s Metamorphoses poem from 8 AD), the idea of a woman using a sex doll for sheer gratification has always been considered taboo. We’re just here for the ovaries, remember.
But in a groundbreaking move for the sex industry, and for women’s sexuality, leading doll manufacturers Sinthetics are designing bespoke male dolls to fit any woman’s sexual needs. The dolls make perfect plastic fuck buddies that are fully rideable, and only lack in interesting post-coital conversation and a GSOH. But that’s not guaranteed anyway, right?
Co-owner Bronwen Keller explains:
“Women really do want male dolls… we now have the same amount of orders for male dolls as female dolls”
But these custom-made dolls aren’t a cheap date. The basic male doll starts at $5,900 and they charge up to $8,000 on top  for add-ons such as customised heads.
Adult entertainer Jessica Ryan has started using a male doll to feature not only in her videos, but also as a way round her long distance relationship.
“Seriously, as a female, this is so much easier than doing a Tinder date.”
It is tough out there, kids. Watch the video in full here:

In times of singledom we often reach for a vibrator to weather out the dry spells, but is the sex doll a step too far from our comfort zones. As Karley says, who seems pretty understandably wasted following her experience with Gabriel,
“It just feels like weird because it’s so lifelike that it enters this space that it feels uncomfortable… it feels like a real person that can’t respond to you.”
Empowering to women or just a bit creepy? Let us know in the comments. 
Images via Vice

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